Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Waiting On the Lord

Last year my husband came home from work and said that he wanted a change. He was tired of commuting so far to work. Our family was more than an hour away, our church was about an hour away and all of our friends were, you guessed it, an hour away. All of our roots, connections and favorite places were in the same area. I had wanted to move closer to my family since we had children, but had kept that desire and those prayers between me and God for the most part. That day, I had prayed that the Lord would either take the desire to move, or show my husband it was time to move on. That very night he came home with the rather startling decision we should put our house on the market, and get the ball rolling.

We prayed, fasted and hoped that God would bring my husband a new job closer to where we wanted to be. It didn't happen right away. We were tempted to despair. I decided that instead of crying about closed doors, and missed opportunities, I would surrender to God and his timing. A few months later, the door that God had shut earlier in the year, flung wide open. Every step of the way we saw God moving. My husband starts his new job in just a few short days. He is so excited and it has been a blessing to go through this challenge together. We have certainly grown as a couple and in our walks with God.

Our faith is certainly still being tested. Our house is still on the market, and my husband will have to commute a rather long distance until our house sells. I am choosing to trust God's timing. I know that his timing is the best. He has the ability to see way farther that I ever could. So I am choosing to trust that He will bring a buyer and I know He will provide for our needs.

Until then, I wait.